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Virtual Content Experience

Virtual multimedia scenarios create context for your content. From effective storytelling to virtual product presentation.

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Flamacon: Touchscreen Promo 2020

Virtual Worlds of Experience

VCX (Virtual Content Experience) is the brand name for our browser-based digital panoramas – a multifaceted, custom-made and highly flexible service product. We create high-quality photorealistic environments, which can be filled with existing or brand new multimedia content, as well as interfaces for marketing, sales and social media – matching the specific client’s needs and market. The result is a very comprehensive storytelling product that can be used in many different ways: from tourism campaigns to virtual trade shows.

Photographic Approach

If an area or architectural structure is available (i.e. a region, a resort, company building or exhibition stand), these can be filmed on location and transformed into a virtual experience. The resulting interactive surface becomes a backdrop for content – which may be anything that can be displayed in HTML, from text and video to 3D elements. The VCX tour can be integrated into the client’s website, social media campaigns, virtual conferences and trade fairs, as well as locally, using touchscreens and info points.

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Flamacon VCX: Harbour Cornwall

Synthetic Scenarios

Photo-realistic, virtual worlds can also be created artificially and optionally equipped with 3D models. These segments can either be combined with photographic VCX tours or stand entirely on their own, for example for product presentations. In addition, such rendered formats can be seamlessly embedded in our virtual events and conferences (Streamboxy).

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What’s the difference?

The strength of VCX, compared to often auto-generated, regular panorama views, which dominate the market, lies in their outstanding quality and the variety of possible uses. The overwhelming majority of 360​​° views online today are technically outdated and have virtually no synergy with social media and sales. The few high-quality panoramas that are out there, on the other hand, rarely offer any features that make them stand out. VCX is designed to get the most out of this technology and always stay ahead of the status quo.

Standard 360°

  • 360° View
  • HD to 4K Resolution
  • Functional on All Devices
  • Supermenu & Usage Control
  • Contextual Content Placement
  • Multimedia Elements
  • Social Media Interactions
  • E-commerce Integration
  • Full CI Customisation
  • Custom Graphic Elements
  • Target Group Versioning
  • Complete Customer Journey
  • VR and App Versions
Go digital without detours

A virtual power tool

The label ‘virtual tour’ is used a lot, but it often refers to products that are neither virtual nor commercially usable and are usually little more than a gimmick. VCX, on the other hand, offers you all the options you need to efficiently integrate tailor-made virtual technologies into your marketing.

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All devices

VCX runs on all device formats – from mobiles to touch screens.


Everything is tailored to your CI and integrated into your systems.


Every tour is individually planned, filmed and programmed for you.

VR options

Virtual reality development for use on Oculus Go is an option.

Explore examples

Four VCX projects

Health Tourism

Spa Salzuflen

NGO / Tourism



Falmouth Uni

Investor Project

Quinta do Paço

Basics & Trailer

What can users do within the tour?

Flamacon VCX: Trailer Teaser


All areas of your destinations, resorts or exhibition scenarios can be used to display multimedia content across devices.


Any content can be shared via social media to attract new users and clients.

Book & Buy

Existing booking and shop systems can be tied in, while offers can be distributed via wallet passes.

Getting ahead in the here and now

There is another way to embrace digital presentation between the current conventional forms and full-blown immersive virtual reality. VCX prepares you for the digital future, but offers you a variety of new marketing options that can help you right away.

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