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Strong partners and well-coordinated processes have been an important fixture in the way we’ve been working for many years. This decidedly open setup gives us enormous flexibility in our ability to respond to the changing requirements of our clients. At the same time, we can continuously update our services and make them compatible.

Flamacon VCX: MacBook E-Commerce


With Passcreator Wallet Passes, users and customers can save any kind of ticket, voucher, membership or customer card via Apple Wallet or Google Pay. They are fully customisable to your brand and needs, can be integrated into any modal window of a VCX tour and can be used in any device format. This offers a lot of ways to put vouchers into circulation or process bookings in an attractive manner, including via social media. In addition, wallet tickets for ECT events can establish continuous lines of communication with the participants.

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With its Streamboxy system, our partner Makonis provides the ideal platform and technical know-how to open virtual events to product presentations and create live scenarios for product worlds. The integration of VCX offers companies much needed options for virtual and hybrid events, training courses and webinars on a completely new level.

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Mox Innovations

Architectural competence and outstandingly staged 3D models fit wonderfully into our portfolio. With their artificially created, photo-realistic rooms these elements offer top-class options for integrating product presentations into virtual conferences (Streamboxy). They can also be part of VCX projects and virtual product worlds.

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In cooperation with Signacom, we offer high-quality indoor and outdoor screens as well as touch desks in almost unlimited sizes, shapes and colours. These can display VCX projects or project sections interactively, completing the customer journey, or even serve as a POS. Signage and info point variants are also a very interesting option.